The Boldest Blog Influences Them All

With the  help of this friend of mine, Ax, who have been blogging for some quite time and whom I consider influential, he gave me a list of websites.  I then explored each website and have chosen my infuential blogs, the boldest in the blogosphere!  Here they are, my Top 10 Influential Blogs:

  1. Ax Realm whom I know personally.  He really is influential not just in blogging but also in person.  I love his writing-artworks, how he constructs words and each amazing title of his composition about Humpty Dumpty through the Beginning of Time.
  2. Jason Hamster the Spamster. Just like Ax, this one cool dude will make you laugh on his posts and will amaze you how he is good at painting.. using the old-time-painting program.
  3. Lio Loco and his idiosyncrasies.  This guy is one hell of a writer.  He could write everything in one sitting, arrange his words in a unique manner in english language or in vernacular.
  4. Muffie Shannen the tech girl who loves to write about gadgets, machines, programs, blog tips and everything SEO.
  5. Jan of Writing to Exhale. Well, you see, need I say most? He is one of the leading in Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009.
  6. Tsi Remo who is also one of the spammers.  You will see him everywhere winning contests. Truly influential not just to his co bloggers but also to his readers.
  7. Good Times Manila.   His humor can make every celebrity like Angel Locsin to beg for their career’s mercy. Together with his  hundred followers, he is really influential.
  8. Crisiboy who talks about technology and everything in between money and internetz.
  9. Pickleminded who had just started her blog recently that is now making noises in the blogosphere.  She talks about Twilight and Chocolates and also Voda Phones.
  10. Blu of BluRoseBluGuy who inspires people every time he writes. This guy attracts people because of his make-me-think posts.

Yes, because these boldest blogs of all influences everyone.

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Note to the nominees:

Make sure your archives, profile and e-mail addresses are accessible or visible online.


25 responses to “The Boldest Blog Influences Them All

  1. Wolf you brighten up my cloudy day hehe thanks!!!! Pa-kiss nga dali.

  2. Go Jan!

    Thanks for voting for our friend Jan 😉

  3. Wolf, thanks a lot for nominating my blog. I’m very much honored. “,)

  4. i second demotion! heehhe

    pa add and pa link..sbay ganun..hehehe

  5. WOW talaga wolf!!!


    i uurong ko na ang plano kong kainin ka..

    thanks ha!!

  6. old-time-painting program. old-time-painting program. old-time-painting program. old-time-painting program. old-time-painting program. old-time-painting program. old-time-painting program. old-time-painting program. old-time-painting program. old-time-painting program.

    ano yan hehehehe

  7. ayun good luck sa mga nakasali

  8. Hello. This is to mark your entry as complete. For raffle inclusion, kindly update your sponsors list. Hope you can join us this Saturday.

  9. hala saturday na pala hehehe

  10. hi wolff


    teka pano ba sound ng hamster??


  11. pwede bang tumambling dito hehe..
    salamat kagabi..
    di ko akalain na makikilala kita hehe..

  12. oi

    ikaw pa la ‘yan!

    buhay pa ba ‘tong blog mo?

    ilang buwan ka ng walang post ha..

    gusto mo ng guest blogger?

    Nyahahahahah 🙂

    salamat kagabi 🙂

    enjoy 🙂

  13. hi wolf


    nakauwi ako kagabi
    mga 12 na.


  14. post mo na lang ung picture natin sa labas hehe..

  15. wahh daya nag picture pa kayo sa labas wahhh

  16. Hi Wolf,

    Just dropping by to say hi. So, “Hi, I’m waiting for your new post. ”

    But of course take your time – I’m not going anywhere. 🙂

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