Spreading the ‘Help the Philippines’ Virus

Hi, I am pinoy!  And I want to spread the ‘Help the Philippines’ Virus!

I have known Ax but he is not that ‘guy’ when we were high school.  Ax is the literary editor of our two newspapers in back then. And he was not that good in English that is why he wanted the Filipino newspaper.  He would write about insanity and death and weird poems.  He hated writing about the politics because he doesn’t have idea about Philippines’ history.

I remember Ax Realm’s composition entitled, “Bakit Nakakatakot ang Kalayaan” (printed in our Ang Haraya newspaper).  This is about freedom of the seven continents.  What if we were free to do things? What if we have liberty to kill people, rape women, and support war?  What if we are free to bomb any political territory and partake in genocide? What if we are free to do such things?  Is that the essence of freedom?

Why am I telling these things?

I also wanted to help the Philippines attain true liberty.  Freedom from opression, from hunger.  Our government having a free will to do political decisions with good intentions for our country.  Freedom from society’s racism.  And for every kid to have rights of life and to their education.  And all unborn kids enjoying their right to have a better tomorrow, a better Philippines.

I wanted to support the komiks industry of the Philippines. I remembered buying komiks when I was a kid and it sadden me that I can’t see any stall that sells traditional komiks just like yesteryears.

I will follow road signs and will respect the pedestrian lane.  I will attest to wrong deeds of policemen.  I will not be afraid to appear in court if I witnessed any crime.  I will no longer fear fighting for a better government.

I will make a company and employ Filipino citizens.  I will help boost the Philippines‘ economy.  I will be one good leader.

And I will be a good citizen of the Philippines.

Because I can.  I am a Filipino, remember?!


6 responses to “Spreading the ‘Help the Philippines’ Virus

  1. KALAYAAN!!!!!!


    ayos to wolf ah

    akalain mo nakakapagsulat ka pala
    bukod sa pag woof woof


    ano ano mga komiks mo baka
    pede manghiram!

  2. Wow… salamat for this post kaibigan… Salamat at may isa pang tumugon sa challenge ko kay Ax… 🙂 Let’s continue to spread the fire…

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