If I Jump Over a Cliff

Is that courage? If I am not afraid of monsters.. Is that courage?


18 responses to “If I Jump Over a Cliff

  1. ha? wag ka magalit… hindi ko alam kung courage yun… napadaan lang naman ako ah… sorry… relax…

  2. yes it’s courage. its about facing your fears

    oi dahil isa kang wol at ako naman ay hamster,
    ex links tayo..

    hehehehe ad mo ko

  3. ha?lol
    hehe salamat sa pag spam mo hane hehe..

  4. Is there a difference between bravery and courage?

    Jumping over a cliff is not courage, that’s foolishness. LOL

    hehe. thanks for dropping by at my site and leaving a spam. i appreciate it 🙂

  5. definitely it is courage..

    salamat sa pagdaan ng maraming beses sa bahay….

  6. i like the wolf on mahh shirt

    hahahahah 🙂

  7. Happy Sunday! May you have all the courage today and forever. hehe.. meganun?

  8. woof woof


  9. hmmm padaan..

    courage? nakakain ba yun?
    pag tumalon ba ko sa cliff, makikita ko si courage?
    o makikita ko kaluluwa ko after?


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