Stand up Straight, Put off the Jacket

We believe in the limitlessness of human potential and will-power. That each one of us is meant to do greater things beyond our personal successes and failures. We believe that courage is the essential first step in making it a reality.

After the pain, we gain wisdom. After the sorrow, comes endurance. Life is what we make it. That each failure brings forth a seed for greater success. Being courageous amidst our personal fears and self-doubt make us do great things. Taking that first step into the unknown brings the universe in your favor.

The wolf is a symbol of passion, a combination of love and hate; Love of things noble and hatred of things mediocre. It is a symbol of anger against the abundant hidden lies that keep a person small. It is a symbol of boldness to step out of our comfort zones and become that inspiration the world needs.

The statements you read in our shirts are truths instinctively known by our spirit.

The courageous wolf lives in each of us.

These are not our statements alone. They should be yours. Just waiting to be given a loud declaration, passionate expression and lived meaning by you.

We believe that each one of us is both a sure promise and a great inspiration.

We are not just selling shirts, our mission is to share the courage.


4 responses to “Stand up Straight, Put off the Jacket

  1. aba! pabili nga ng courage! hehe! yung syrup!

  2. sorry, wrong email input!

  3. Hmmmm..hehe

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